Saturday, January 3, 2009

Settling in

So I met my Volunteer Coordinator and drove past the center - they are on break until Monday. Looks like a great place to spend some time, I hope the kids share the trampoline with me! I also looked at my intended accomodation just a few blocks away from there but it was a mess. We looked at three "apartments" on the third and fourth floors - all with no A/C. Then they came up with one on the ground floor with A/C which looked promising until I spotted the moldy mattress and smelled the air coming out of the A/C - full of mold! And those of you who know me well know how much I'm allergic to mold. I will spare you the details of the smelly fridge. So - I called Edwin's cousin who owns the place we were staying before and moved back to Osu, which will give me a twenty minute commute but I will rest much easier with people I know nearby and an A/C unit that works. Think Philly in the midst of a heatwave and this is how it is everyday. Anyway, I've also managed to pick up a bit of a cold which has slowed me down a bit, but luckily you can buy meds - even antibiotics over the counter. Tomorrow I try to find a church, which shouldn't be too difficult, christianity is very prevolent here. Even the businesses have titles which indicate the owner's faith such as the Divine Creator Hair Salon or the In His Name Trotro (a minibus used as a shared taxi.) Although my favorite was on the way to Elmina - the "Peculiar Child Academy" - a Montesorri School. :) Today they officially declared Attas Mills as the president and there are people running the streets in celebration. I saw an Obama/Atta scarf being displayed on the way to the internet cafe. Had I been thinking I would have bought Obama t-shirts to sell here and made a mint! It's a new experience for me to be abroad and see this much excitement over my president. I'm sure it will be even more meaningful to see the inauguration from here. I'm still having trouble with uploading images so you'll just have to bear with my descriptions!

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