Saturday, January 31, 2009

Thanks for the many prayers

I ended up getting very sick on Thursday and had to see a doctor on Friday. But everything is much better today, the proper medication makes all the difference! So thank you to all of you have kept me in your prayers, I'm sure that I wouldn't have had such a quick resolution without them. As for the center, I missed my last day because I was getting ultrsound, x-rays and lab work but I will stop in on Monday to say goodbye in person. Anyway - aside from all that it's been fun this past week. Who knew that salsa dancing would be popular here? It sure is! I went on Wednesday night and had a blast. They add a Ghanaian flavor to it but the basic steps are all the same. And I went to a family member's 70th birthday party on Monday and sang the Lord's Prayer. (It's becoming my signature song.) It was great to see the whole family again, some have been home to other countries and back again while I've been here all this time! So - this my be my last post until I return. See you all soon!

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