Monday, January 19, 2009

T. I. G.

This is Ghana. The refrain most often used when you have to explain why you can't do something as promised. Last night I made plans with an American couple to watch the Eagles at a bar near my place. We got there and despite getting Fox sports, it was soccer. T.I.G. They couldn't get the game so we went to Champs down the street. They advertised the game, but without sound because it was movie night. sigh. T.I.G. Lucky that we weren't watching the game though, we lost power for about ten minutes. Thankfully I was getting texts throughout the game and kept those interested informed. And, despite my indifference toward the Steelers, I found myself a little desperate to watch the game, no matter what else was going on. After several games of pool ( I lost all but one game.) we ordered dinner. After ten minutes, the waitress came back and told us the kitchen was closed (and had been for an hour.) hmmmmm, but, T.I.G. So you shrug your shoulders and move on. It's been awhile since my last post, the internet cafe I use was having problems and was soooo slow that I left. The NGO that worked out my accomodations has continued to be a dissappointment. It seems that I'm paying more for everything and yet getting less than what was promised. sigh - another "T.I.G." But - it's not all bad. The kids at the center continue to be a bright spot and are making great progress. This would be an excellent place for an externship in music therapy or special education. Perhaps that's what I need to pursue when I get home. And Uncle Ted, I am using the ASL I learned last summer. Most of the kids don't use speech and depend on sign and gesture. I nearly cried today when a boy (J.) sat with me under the tree and repeated the sign and said "tree" several times. I taught him that last week. :) God knows I needed just a little success to get through today!


Roia said...

Hmm. Well, on the plus side (I guess it's a plus side), you get to look at your investment in the idea of time and such. I remember when my friend went to Kenya for work, she had quite a time of it when she had to organize meetings. 8 AM apparently has a lot of different meanings in other parts of the world.

ASLterp said...

hey chris, I am thrilled that you are using your ASL. Were you able to learn any Ghana signs? I am praying for you and God has all details of your schedule under his control. I have learned if you are not flexible you will break.

stars said...

Hi Christine! This is Jessica from Bethel. I'm glad that everything is going well so far. It sounds like it's been an amazing experience for you. Talk to you soon! :)