Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Closure is the one thing you can always plan on, but somehow, it escapes me. I've spent so much energy trying to make the most of my limited time here, to establish relationships with the kids and encourage the staff to lead that it has been tough to think about leaving. From day one, I knew that my last day would be this Friday, yet somehow, I have managed to pretend that I would never be leaving. I've seen amazing progress and felt extremely gratified by what we are all doing. To see it for yourself, visit facebook and search Autism Awareness Care and Training Ghana. This is thanks to Emily Kulpaka from Canada, a fellow volunteer from the center.
So in less than a week I'll be coming home with loads of stories to tell, and pictures and video too! See you all soon! Oh - and an interesting note, i was a guest at a live taping of Ghana's American Idol show and was featured on a TV program called mentor. When it airs I get calls from friends and family. And now wherever I go, people tell me they saw me on TV. So far, no requests for autographs though. :) The coolest part was that they gave me a tribute, introducing me as a music therapist at the end of the program. What fun!!

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