Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What a difference a day makes!

Today things are much more relaxed. The banks have reopened and because of the New Year's holiday, people seem to be in a happy mood. The political situation is still not resolved, but the tension is and after a run-off in one constituancy on Friday the election will be over and the winner declared. Does this remind anyone of Florida and the hanging chads we all grew to loathe? Anyway - it's a much more relaxed day for me as well, we've spent most of it at a beach resort by the pool drinking fresh pineapple juice and watching the palm trees sway. I could get used to this! Most of the people I've met are also on vacation until Jan. 5 when school/work/whatever resumes. I spoke with the coordinator of the AACT school this morning to give him my local number and start there at 10AM on Monday. I've got to figure out how to post pictures as I go, the landscapes are stunning. If I can paste this in I will share a great symbol I've adopted as my own, Gye Name meaning Except God - recognizing that God is in control of all creation. Here it is:

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TreNubian said...

Glad to hear that you are in a better mood, as well as being surrounded by a better environment!
Having some familiarity with Adinkra symbols, I know exactly what your referring to without your non
Let me know how deep your feeling to it and it will become a tattoo for you and I'll hold your hand as you get it