Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Finding an internet connection has been tough the past few days

But I did it, I'm in the office of the place we're staying on borrowed time. So far the city of Accra has been amazing. People are very friendly and very welcoming. The wedding went off well and there are apparently tons of pictures. If you can find the African magazine Agoo online you will see photos. On another note, a white woman in a ball gown must be an unusual site since there were lots of people asking me to take pictures with them. Yesterday was our first opportunity to see the sites. We traveled to Elmina, a castle built by the Portugese which was used by the slave traders. It was a very emotional tour through there seeing the cells where a group of 15 tourists felt crowded and hearing that 400 slaves were quartered there. Looking through the "door of no return" where the slaves boarded the ships was overwhelming. I hope to post pictures as soon as I can but if not, use google images, I'm sure you'll get the idea.
On another note the run off elections happened here on Sunday and it is still very close. There is a majority winner but the defeated party refuses to concede and there is a bit of unrest. People are cheering in the streets and in other places they are not. I keep getting reassured that Ghanaians are peaceful people and that they don't expect violence. While in church on Sunday one of the candidates was in attendance and was prayed for along with a representative of the opposing party.
I will keep this brief as I had to bribe the secretary to let me use her computer - apparently you can get anything here for a little cash. Please keep all of Ghana in prayer as I've already become quite fond of the people I've met.


Becky Bertrand said...

Hi Chrissie. Glad things are going ok so far. Will certainly keep the political situation in prayer. Thinking of you! Look forward to hearing more. Love Becky xx

TreNubian said...

Hey Gap! Glad to see you made safely and that you were the unoffical talk of the wedding! Little do they know how you in a ball gown is a site on this side of the ocean as well.....lol
We will definitely keep you and the political situation in prayer! stay safe and know that you are missed.