Wednesday, December 24, 2008

And of course . . .

Before I actually get to leave to spend six weeks near the equator and the 80 degree weather we get an ice storm! Although this shoudn't delay my flight it does delay some of my last minute errands. However, it does give me another moment for me to spend some time gathering my thoughts and focusing on what I'm going to be taking on over the next few weeks. Last weekend during worship I briefly talked about Mary and Martha, sisters who approached hosting Jesus in their home in different ways. Martha was the perfect hostess busy with her list of things to do, serving and attending her guests. Mary simply sat at Jesus' feet and lived in the moment. She took in the teaching and just savored being in his presence. And while I'm more inclined to live like Martha everyday, I want to have the heart of Mary. To be completely focused on the moment. It's part of how I work as music therapist, or more honestly, how I want to work. In the moment, completely present, improvising based on what comes up in the session instead of moving through an agenda, even if it is my own. I hope this time at the center will help me develop this idea as I'm sure the music I'm used to using will have little relevance. I'll be depending on my ear to pick up melodies and rhythms which means I think I'll have to get as much exposure to that as possible. And, knowing that I'll be there over the holidays, I'm hoping that means plenty of free live music!

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Roia said...

What an interesting insight. Definitely, I think going with Mary's approach is wisest when being a music therapist (versus doing music therapy).

Wow, this is very exciting! Have a wonderful, safe trip. I wonder if there's any way you can sneak some audio or video excerpts of your experiences on to your blog (with permission, of course).

Merry Christmas, Christine!