Thursday, December 25, 2008

One flight down

One to go. I'm currently in the London Heathrow Airport. You can definitely tell that it's Christmas today as most of the staff are wearing some sort of holiday gear. A Santa hat here, reindeer antlers there and tinsel galore pinned to uniforms. And you can definitely tell that you're in the UK as I'm wished "Happy Christmas" along the way. I'm probably going to pick up the accent before I leave here today. For my family reading this today, I officially apologize for depriving you all of the opportunity to pick on me at the Cole family Chirstmas compound. I will miss being with all of you, and especially singing the Doxology and all those favorite carols. Tell Daniel I think I saw Rudolph's nose from the airplane while Santa was on his way to Cole Valley. Anyway, as she flew out of sight she could be heard saying, "Merry Christmas to all and to me a good flight!"


Roia said...

Have you sung a loud round of "Feliz Navidad" to anyone in the UK? And if you did, were you arrested?

Sending you good thoughts and prayers for a peaceful and safe Christmas!

Sandy said...

You are on and exciting journey and love to hear your adventures.

Becky said...

You were surely missed here in Cole Valley, but I'm sure your international adventures will bring some new, exciting and "amusing" stories at our Easter gathering!!! By the way, since you weren't here to personally harrass, we are saving up for Easter, so look out!!!
We did pray for you as we gathered around Uncle Chuck's kitchen for grace and the Doxology - your voice was missed!
May God keep you in his tender care and keep you safe while you are away and guide you back home to us soon!

Love Ya,
Aunt Becky

Marilyn said...

Sandy emailed me that you are near a very dear friend of Pastor Harry Thomas (Creation).
She got in touch with Pastor Harry and he gave her this info so you could look him up.
"It's a small world's a small world's a small, small world"
Lots of people are asking for you and lifting you up in prayer
I love you. Keep looking up,

It seems John and Chrissie are very close. Harry went to Bible school with him. I will let you know when I get more info. If you could get name of school for me. It is a small world.

Here is info. If she gets in touch with him. Tell him she is a friend of Harry Thomas. John calls Harry Bishop. John has been to Creation a few times so John knows all about it. You might remember him walking around praying over the grounds and all there. He is a very short black man. He speaks very good English. He is a wonderful man. I hope Chrissie can catch up with him.
Sent: 12/28/2008 9:28:17 P.M. Eastern Standard Time
Subj: John Oduro

Dr. John Mensah Oduro
Community Baptist Church and Boyer University
home (011) 233-2150-1693
Accra-Aburi Road
Ghana, West Africa

Carlos said...

I am praying for you, Christine.