Thursday, January 21, 2010

What can I do in Haiti?

Seeing the devastation in Haiti is heartbreaking. It brings to mind the tremendous loss that the trauma of a natural disaster brings. In response to a local organization recruiting artists and arts therapists I'm considering going in about six weeks to work with children as they begin to process the loss and trauma they have experienced. It is a mixed blessing for me to have direct experience in traumatology and I hope that I can help prepare other therapists for this work using my own experience and research into music therapy in the post-disaster environment.

Check out BuildaBridge International: Visit Artists on Call: International at: They are particularly interested in those who speak French or Creole. I'll post more soon, I promise.

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Jordan Adventures! said...

Hi - just wanted to say hello and tell you it is so nice to read about another music therapist doing work abroad and caring for those needs in other countries as well as our own. My name is Maryellen Fairchild and I'm currently practicing as a music therapist in Amman, Jordan. Been here about 7 months and it's quite an adventure. Hope things are going well for you!