Thursday, September 3, 2009

I love the fall

Well, I've not been as disciplined as I mean to be about writing this blog, but I was touched to read a comment from a prospective music therapy student and that has motivated me to write a little more. Because of the current political situation in Honduras we decided to postpone this summer's trip. The potential exposure to violence was too great, and when the state department issues a warning, it's important to listen. So, I've invested my energy in preparing for the new season and two new interns who arrive for orientation in about an hour. I am always excited to learn from them and hear their ideas as well as teaching and mentoring them through the exciting transformation from student to professional. Perhaps someday I will be able to include an international experience in the internship. (you may send in your donations at any time :) )

I think I have always admired the Jewish religion for celebrating the new year in the fall. I wholeheartedly embrace the season as a time for renewal and a fresh start. I am however, not looking forward to getting stuck in traffic behind school busses again.

Have a great day!

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