Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Doing this trip is easy, talking about it, well that's another story!

So, I've been asking for prayer and support from my church, Bethel Fellowship located at the Franklin Mills Mall in Philadelphia. http://www.fmchurch.net/ And they have responded in a big way. From the day I started talking about it, a couple who I deeply repect for their love of the Lord encouraged me to think about volunteering at the Autism Centre as ministry.

Now - doing music therapy . . . that I know! And it's not new to me to go into a different country and respond to their needs. I've been back and forth to Honduras several times over the past few years working with kids with special needs and supporting the Gerezim Church in Tegucigulpa, Honduras, C.A. I guess it's just thinking of myself as a missionary that I have a tough time wrapping my head around.

Anyway - I'm just a little more than a month away from departure and I've been asked to speak about this at my church and I'm terrified. General public speaking fear aside, I guess I'm afraid that talking about the gut feeling I have that I'm supposed be doing this makes me sound like a nut. God doesn't speak to me in a deep, booming voice. Perhaps if He did, that would make things a little more concrete and understandable. But what I do believe is that God created a very detailed plan for my life and this trip is a part of it. My previous trips to Honduras have been great preparation. I mean, what are the odds of googling (yes, it's a verb now) music therapy and Ghana and finding a volunteer job posting for a music therapist, working with children with Autism? Autism of all things happens to be a specialty for me. (Although reading this post, you might guess that run-on sentences are my specialty. whatever.) So I guess that there are times when God needs a traditional missionary who learns the language and starts a church where there needs to be one, and then I guess there are some of us with incredibly specialized training and experience who get to fill incredibly specialized needs.

And so, I will plan my (blessedly short) talk about this trip and try not to obsess over my fear of public speaking. More later on how Ghana even crossed my radar. . .

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